About us

We have had house bunnies since 2001 and since then they have changed our lives dramatically. 

Both of us learned from living with rabbits that eating animals was impossible once you live with house bunnies.  We both turned vegan in 2008 after being vegetarian since meeting our first bunny Dingleberry. 

After a few years of having our rescued bunnies, we were asked to do a few tv segments and stories in magazines & newspapers. 

After working at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic for many years, Karen graduated as a vet nurse in 2016 and has learnt even more about bunnies & guinea pigs.

We have gained so much from our bunnies and are pleased to share our experiences.
We hope to promote the idea of indoor companion rabbits and encourage a better understanding of rabbit care to the wider community.  Since beginning this website in 2004, we have adopted many bunnies.  We are not the best at rehoming and most of the bunnies that have entered our home have stayed with us lifelong and have been given all the love & attention that they need.  Because of this lifelong care, we have also been there for many of our elderly bunnies as they have passed away.  We still miss them today.

We do not believe in unnecessary breeding of any animal for monetary gain and support our local shelters to find homes for unwanted animals.

Please support our shelters and whenever considering a new animal friend into your home, remember there are lots out there who desperately need your help! But also remember, an animal friend is for life and you will need to devote your time for maybe up to 15 years or more.

We are happy to hear from anyone who wants to know more about companion rabbits or if you just want to ask a question about your bunny or this website. If you would like to contact us, we would love to hear from you

Thank you for visiting us at BOING!

We live in Melbourne, Australia and share our house with our bunnies, one elderly marsh frog (he turned 16 in 2016), 2 rescue finches & 2 rescue canaries, a school of goldfish & lots of wildlife in our garden.

We are both interested in animal care, native wildlife, botany, gardening and protecting the environment.

Nimal & Karen