Well, this is my big opportunity to have my say about living outside. I
tried it for one year and can honestly say that it's not all it's cracked
up to be!! It was cold in winter, hot in summer, lonely and scary at
night and boring during the day!

Don't get me wrong, my house was fine and I had lots of room to run
and it was safe and secure and all that. The problem was that I didn't
get much attention or affection from anyone so I was just left by myself
all the time. Talk about boring!!!
Being outside though doesn't have to mean a prison sentence. If I had a friend maybe I would have been much
happier!! If you have to house your bunny outside, I'd recommend that you don't have just one bunny, definitely have
two already bonded bunnies that can keep each other company. It gets really lonely and scary out there in the
middle of the night and noone hears your thumps and comes running to calm you down. Give us loads of toys and
warm places to sleep as it does get really cold at night. I had cardboard boxes to sleep in and warm towels to
snuggle into. I also had a smaller wooden house with exits in both ends so I would stay warm but not feel trapped
when inside it.

My house was pretty cool and I did enjoy sleeping in the sun in the mornings. I had heaps of room to run and jump.
Here are pictures of my old outdoor house. It measures 2 metres long, 2 metres high and 1 metre across. The floor
is above the ground so it doesn't get wet. All the walls and roof are mozzie-proofed and there are four levels to play
on. The wire is small gauge and cemented into the ground to prevent mice from entering.

The house is permanently cemented into the ground and is positioned under the dappled shade of a tree. It faces
east so it does get lovely morning sun and the trees and fence on the west shade it from hot afternoon sun.

Gus's guide to
living comfortably outdoors
I'm back inside, my human friends lied,
It's not that great, outside in the garden state,
It's cold at night, the noises give me a fright,
I never got any pats, only stares from big fat rats,
I like the indoors, I get to lounge on the floor,
It's much warmer in here, and my friends are all near,
I'm now safe and happy, I'm now a happy chappy!

My only extra advice to anyone wanting to house their bunnies outside is to please not buy one of those little
hutches from the pet stores (especially the metal ones!!). They are way too small and do not give enough
protection from the weather. If you are worried that we chew wood (we have to chew something to keep our
teeth healthy), give us some rose branches (thornless), apple branches or cardboard boxes to chew instead.
Last, but not least, be creative with your enclosure and make it the biggest you can, but most importantly,
make it safe!!
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