Indoor Housing

We definitely recommend indoor housing over outdoor housing.  It's safer, more interactive and your bunny will love being part of the family!

What are the benefits of living with an indoor bunny?

They live longer
An average life of an indoor bunny is 8-10.  Some indoor bunnies live into their teens as they get much more attention, affection and lots of specialised care.

You spend more time with them
Indoor bunnies love attention and time to spend with you.  When you live with an indoor bunny, there is not much chance of forgetting they are in the home.

Your bunny becomes your friend
Rabbits are naturally more cautious if they live outside.  They generally will not trust humans if they only see you for a short time.  When a rabbit lives indoors and spends time with you, they get to know you, learn to trust you, learn to love you and become your best friend.

You can tell when your bunny friend is ill
When you live closely with your bunny companion, you can tell quickly whether he or she is unwell.  When rabbit's don't feel well, they need quick attention as their illnesses can become serious in a short amount of time.  If ever you see that your bunny is not interested in food or looks hunched up & uncomfortable, please visit your vet.


Missy & Charlie relax on the daybed
Nimal & Tinkerbell relax on the couch together
Pumpkin snuggles with his toy friend
Molly (left) & Ginger relax on the bed