The Munchkin Award
We are very proud to offer our new FREE award program to all rabbit education websites around the world. If you think that your rabbit or pet
website will make a difference to the way domestic rabbits are cared for by the community, we urge you to apply.

The Munchkin Award aims to promote educational and
responsible rabbit care in the community.

If you would like to apply, please use the link below.

If you are successful, a special award button will be sent to you
including comments to add to your site.

Good Luck!!

Only websites that promote positive and responsible care will be
accepted for this prestigious award.

The Munchkin award is a truly unique award that can only be
earned by specific pre-requisites. We urge anyone with a
responsible educational rabbit website to apply for the Munchkin award. If you are successful, not only will you have you have a prestigious
award to add to your website, but we will promote your website for FREE on our site & also our FREE monthly rabbit newsletter (The

The pre requisites to apply for this exceptional award are listed below:

1. Your website must promote positive and responsible care of domestic rabbits

2. Your website must not promote rabbits as products in any way. No breeders should apply.

3. Your website should ideally promote adoption & shelters

4. Your website must promote positive methods of public education towards domestic rabbits eg. spay/neuter, indoor housing, etc

Apply by email using the button above or contact
The Munchkin Award is
dedicated to our dearly
departed Munchkin bunny.
She may have been small, but
she made a BIG difference to
the rabbit world!
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