Hi I'm Dingle. I was born in 2001 from an unwanted litter. It was between me & two other siblings so I was really
lucky to have been randomly chosen. When I came to stay, my friends at BOING were very unprepared. It was
expected that I would live outside, eat carrots and lettuce and be pretty much forgotten so it was pretty lucky for
me that they didn't have a hutch at the time. As I ended up living in the loungeroom under the coffee table, it didn't
take them long to fall head over heels for me. They read everything they could to find out more about bunnies (as
neither had looked after one before!). They bought me a litter tray and lots of yummy food. I ended up living in
enclosures and all sorts of things, until eventually they moved me into my own bedroom. Unfortunately I had an
inner ear infection in 2005 and now have a permanent head tilt but I live happily in the bedroom & so I'm never

I'm now 7 and I'm very happy I was the bunny chosen that day! I don't know what's happened to my brothers &
sisters. I hope they found a home that was as good as this one!!
Hi we're Gus & Ally. Our story's a little bit grimmer than Dingles! Ally & I were sent to a pet store to be
sold. It wasn't a very nice store and the owners and workers didn't much care for rabbits I don't think. It
was mid summer in 2002 and they didn't have any air conditioning. We didn't have any water or food and
we were both cramped in a small glass aquarium high above the floor so it was really hot (way over 40

It was just so lucky that our friends at BOING happened to be in the store to buy something for their frogs
as they don't normally visit pet stores (well this place was supposedly for reptiles!!). I know they asked the
people why there was no air conditioning (too expensive they replied!) and were appalled at our condition
(Ally was really bad - he was so thin and lifeless & I was nearly unconscious!). The pet store man said he
had just refused to sell me (Gus) to a guy who wanted to use me as a play toy for his dog!

We were both marked down to $15 each for a quick sale and without thinking, we were purchased, placed
in a cardboard box and carted back to where we live now. We were very lucky that day!!!

Hi! I'm Lavender. I used to live with a group of bunnies outside in a backyard but we were all taken to the
Keysborough Shelter in 2003. I don't know why or what was going to happen to me.

I didn't make too many friends at the shelter and they picked on me for sitting in the corner (I'm a bit deaf you
see!). As I was a lop bunny, the shelter desexed me as they knew I would probably find a good home. I hope
my other bunny friends found a good home too.

Our BOING friends just happened to visit the shelter to see where the bunnies were kept and as I had just been
operated on, I think they felt a bit sorry for me and adopted me.

I was pretty quiet when I came to live with my new human friends and it took about 6 months for me to trust
them. Things are even better now I have my friend Peanut to play with!
Hi I'm Peanut. My story is an interesting one! My BOING friends were told about a group of bunnies that had taken
over a suburban street in Melbourne after a pair were let loose (they were my parents!). I was born on the streets with
my brothers and sisters and we ran riot. There were burrows all over the place. Some people in the street liked us
and put food out for us and others didn't like us at all and wanted us to leave.

There were about eight people who turned up the day I was found. They were all very nice and loved bunnies and
they wanted to help. Three bunnies (including me) were caught that day as well as others that were found on another

It was a fluke that I went home with my human friends and we bonded really well. I was a bit sick at first as I had a
chronic nasal infection which needed antibiotics for a month! Then I was taken to the vet again for an operation on
my dangly bits.

I was so happy with my girlfriend Lavender for a number of years. I partnered up with Sarah while she was with us
but now live with my buddy Stuart!
Hi I'm Pancake. I used to be a school bunny and was carted back and forth to classrooms. My home life
was not very exciting, even though my family said they loved animals! I lived by myself in a small cage in the
laundry or outside on the deck, depending on the weather. My cage was lined with wood shavings so I just
went to the toilet anywhere I could find. My water bottle was always green and I lived on that rabbit mix stuff
they gave me. It wasn't that pleasant I have to say and it was lucky that I was surrendered to my friends at
BOING when my family moved interstate. They were busy with the new baby anyway!

I now share a room with my friend Ally. We're inseparable and love to groom each other and snuggle up
Hi!! I'm Annabelle. I was found roaming the streets and handed into the local vet. Even though I was found
in Brighton, I'm no snob!! I am however, litter trained and do prefer to lounge on expensive couches and eat
only the freshest food from the best green grocers.

Luckily for me, my friends at BOING heard about me & my teeth problems. They also heard that I was
going to be adopted by someone that wasn't very trustworthy so they stepped in & adopted me.

I live in the back bedroom now since my boyfriend Gus passed away. Fortunately I've found love again with
my best friend Pumpkin. I love him very much & he loves me!

Our buns
Hi! I'm Munchkin. I was found in someone's backyard and handed into the vet at Fawkner.
The vet called my friends at BOING as they couldn't find a home for me and this is where I
live now!

I love snuggling on the couch!
Nicknamed "Killer", Dingle
is not one to mingle with
the other buns. She is
queen bun of this warren!

Ally has his own
cardboard box
where Pancake is
not allowed. He
likes to lie in there
and sleep during
the day with his
head on his pillow.

Pancake is the rollover queen.
She rolls over at doorways,
walls or anywhere that she
thinks is appropriate.

Nicknamed "Big Gladys",
Lavender is a big girl who's a bit
of a couch potato. She spends
all her time on the ground as a
leaning post for Peanut.

Peanut uses his front
feet to lean on things,
including Lavender.
He also has a small
spot at the base, when
scratched, causes him
to lick his toes.

Munchkin likes to jump on the nearest person
for a kiss & a cuddle, though her thumps hurt a
little when she's on your tummy

Gus is "rudder
man". He uses
his tail as a
rudder and if
the tail turns
right, Gus
turns right.

Hi! I'm Princess. Don't be fooled by my royal status, I'm just like everybunny
else. My family has moved to Tasmania so I'm now staying with my new
buddies at BOING.

My favourite spot is in the loungeroom getting lots of attention!!

Princess is the kissing
queen. She likes to get
lots of gentle pats & will
kiss you over & over
again as a thankyou.

Hi! I'm Pumpkin. I was found on a construction site in Wantirna,
surrounded by three major roads in November 2005. I was wet &
cold and it didn't take much encouragement for me to go home with
my new friends. I was best friends with Annabelle, lived with
Tinkerbelle for a while until she dumped me!! Now I'm very snuggly
with my new toy buddy, Butternut.
Pumpkin loves to kiss everybody &
everything. He also likes lots of
attention & pats and doesn't like being
ignored, especially if you're trying to
read the newspaper!

Nicknamed "Missy Fluff Fluff
Leaky Bottom", Annabelle has
taken to the books & magazines.
She likes "House & Garden" & a
little bit of Agatha Christie.

Bye Bye
Hugs & kisses
when I see
you next time
2004 - 9/9/2006

We'll miss you little guy!
Feb 2002 - 10/10/06
Love you & miss you
2003 - 12/06
Stuart Little
Stuart is a little gentle
fellow. He keeps to himself
and loves to investigate

Hi! I'm Stuart. I was a very loved house bunny for 3 and a half years until
my family had a new baby and decided to move to another state without
me! I thought they loved me!!!

I now live with my buddy Peanut. He's pretty cool.
Missy & Charlie
Hi! We're Missy & Charlie. We used to live with a family in
Melbourne and were bought from a pet shop as dwarf lops. As you
can see, we're angoras and need loads of grooming!!!! Unfortunately,
our first family couldn't cope with our fur so we were surrendered to
the vet. From there, we've been on tv on Talk to the Animals!!!! Now
we live with our friends at BOING.

Known as "The Fluffies",
these guys are hilarious!

These two love to run and
run and run.

Miss you every day my little Annie bell!!
2003 - Jan 2008

I was put into a cardboard box by my previous family & dumped on the
front step of the BOING household. I have no idea why they didn't want me
anymore but I'm lucky I ended up here!

I met Pumpkin after he lost his girlfriend Annabelle. I fell in love with him
straight away but decided to break up with him after we fought too much!

Tinkerbelle loves to run
& play. She adores lots
of pillows & loves to roll
up towels.

General Care
Vet Care
Do Your Bit
Fun Stuff
Sarah is a very sensitive
soul. She is gentle and
has won the heart
of Peanut who's
favourite hobby is
relaxing on her!

I was found roaming the streets. Every attempt was made to find my
previous home but it was never found. I came to live with my friends at
BOING when the people who found me were going on holidays.

I now live with my best friend Peanut.

Tessa is a quiet little
bunny that likes to
keep to herself.
Now that she has a
boyfriend she is
even happier!

When I tragically lost my beloved partner, I was very lonely and angry. I
came to live with my friends at BOING because I wasn't happy at my
previous home.

I love living here with my new friends & even have a new boyfriend (Rex). I
think he's wonderful & snuggly.

Molly is such a snuggly
bunny but she is really
protective when she's
in her apartment!

I was found abandoned at a Primary School in Malvern. I was handed over
to a teacher & then onto my friends at BOING. The teacher who looked
after me for a while thought I must have been specially trained as I was "too
friendly". He he he!!! I'm just a snuggly bunny and love smooches like most
bunnies do!!

Miss you darling Sarah!!
2007 - April 2009

Kitty looks so cute &
cuddly but she
chooses to bite first &
ask questions later!!

Me & my friend Bernadette were left behind in the backyard of a home unit
when our family moved. They took the kids, the dogs & the furniture.... but
they didn't take us! We had to live in a small box and the floor was all dirty
as we didn't have anywhere else to go to the toilet.

I'm still really angry about people. Bernadette found a new home but I'm
staying with my friends at BOING. I don't want to be friendly to people that
don't treat rabbits very well. Lucky I like my new human friends!!

Isabelle, Lulu & Poppy

Isabelle (Izzy) is very laid back & loves lounging about.

Lulu is energetic and excitable.

Poppy (Popstar) is very snuggly.

All love kisses & snuggles!!

We grew up in a place humans call a rabbit factory farm. We all lived in individual wire boxes that were so small we couldn't move around, lie
down or stand up on our hind legs. The sheds we were all in was very with no light. We were fed only pellets. We all hated it but there was no
way to get out. We were all called "breeder" rabbits as we were always pregnant or had multiple litters of baby bunnies. We never saw our
babies grow up as they were taken away from us when they were young. We never saw them again.

One night the lids of our wire boxes were opened & we were taken away. Turns out we were the lucky ones. We found out later that no-one ever
gets out of there alive. We wish that all the bunnies at the shed could have been saved that same night but they had to stay behind.

We now live indoors like bunnies are supposed to do!!! We love our new home and our new human friends. We're now part of a family who treat
us really well and give us loads of snuggles & kisses. Because we came from such a horrible dirty place, we still suffer from illnesses that we
wish would go away!!

Rex (pictured in front)
is a cute little dude
who's very friendly.
He's such a small
bunny with a big heart.

I lived with my previous family for nearly 6 years but my human friend's mum
never really liked me. She said I was smelly and that I was the reason her
daughter wasn't paying attention to her studies.

Now I live with my friends at BOING. I have very deformed front legs after a
break a few years ago but I'm pretty happy I have loads more room to run
around now and lots of new friends that care about me. They don't think I'm
smelly at all. They think I'm cute!! I even found my true love (Tessa)

Lucky & the kids
Lucky will still hide from
people after all these
years. She is very wary.

Hugo is hilarious! Lily is
a funny guy. Ruby is
very shy & quiet.

Charlotte & Billy were
adorable (since passed
away after a fox attack)

Emily was very nervous
(also passed away).

I (Lucky) was found on the side of the road after very heavy rain. I was very
scared, very wet and very pregnant. I was terrified!! Six days after being found
on the road, I had my 7 babies. All the kids grew up at our new home (except
for Sammy who unfortunately passed away at 12 weeks of age).

Charlotte & Billy - you
were taken from us by a
fox. We miss you dearly!
2005 - May 2009

Lily & Hugo
Lucky, Ruby & Emily
Emily - we
wish we had
taken more
time to get to
know you.
2005 - Jan 2009

We'll miss you sweetie!
2004 - March 2010