Toys for your bunny
There are heaps of cheap or free toys that your bunnies will love to play with. To keep your bunny amused and busy,
change their toys regularly so they won't be bored.

Here's some ideas that will keep your bunny/s amused for hours.

Toilet rolls
Empty toilet rolls are great fun for picking up and
flinging around. You can stuff them with hay as an
extra fun thing to do but be prepared for the hay to
be everywhere as they pull it out with gusto!

Telephone books
Old telephone books are fun to chew and rip.

Cardboard boxes
If you cut out doors and windows in cardboard boxes you'll have the ideal playhouse for your bunny. Bunnies just love to
chew new doors and windows and redecorate to their own specifications. If you fill the cardboard box with hay as an extra
bonus, your bunny will have even more to do.

Rose/Apple sticks
As long as there are no thorns and the sticks have not been sprayed with chemicals, these make great chewing and play
toys. Great for teeth!

These are great for picking up and throwing around but only give rabbits very old cones without sap.

Old towels
Fantastic for rolling up and flattening out. Watch your bunny rearrange the towels over and over again! Avoid towels with
too many holes in them. Rabbits can get their toenails stuck in any loose cottons & holes.

Seagrass mats/cane laundry baskets
As long as they haven't been coated with anything, they are fun to chew (so they tell me!).

Paper bags
These are fun as the bunnies love to run in and out of them
and then jump on the open bags.

Annabelle enjoys playing
in her paper bag
Annabelle gets stuck into an
unsprayed apple branch. Gus
looks on in the background. A
nice thick apple branch would
have to be Annabelle's most
favourite thing in the whole
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