So what do you need and how much money do you have to spend to keep a bunny/s happy??

If you're just starting out and you need to buy things like ceramic bowls and litter trays and enclosures, shop at the Reject
Shop, The Warehouse, Bunnings or any of the $2 shops. There are heaps of cheap pet products that you can buy for a
fraction of a pet store price.

Indoor enclosures can be made by you from NIC flat packs. These can range from $50-$70. Pet shop hutches are
expensive, too small, too lightweight and not safe for outside housing. To house a bunny outside, make sure you provide the
biggest and safest enclosure you can and it must be insect & predator proof.

Vet costs are expensive but necessary and not regular so we can't really give a good indication of how much you may spend.
Just make sure you find a good rabbit vet BEFORE you need one.

Produce Stores

Mornington Stockfeeds
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5975 8856

Meadows Produce
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9761 4506

Ascot Vale Stockfeeds
536 Racecourse Road,
9376 6871

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Maroondah Produce
1140 Burwood Highway
Ferntree Gully
9753 6433

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