How to build an indoor bunny house
This is a simple indoor house for a reasonably small to mid sized bunny. You can make indoor houses to suit
whatever size you need. This is just one idea & plan for an indoor house. You can make yours whatever size you

You will need:

34 NIC cubes - can be bought from Bunnings
or sometimes, The Reject Shop (pictured at right)
Cable ties -2 x packs of 100 - you'll be surprised
how many mistakes you'll need correcting
pieces of thick cardboard - for the floor
old towels
cardboard box
2 small bulldog clips

Cost = $65 (way less than one of those horrid
hutches from the pet stores & much better!!!!!)

Lie 9 NIC squares on the ground
Connect cubes with cable ties (2
per length for added strength)
Lift up sides leaving the middle
section to be the floor
Add on end pieces
To build up to the next floor, join
another square as the floor, then
add on more squares for walls
This is what you end up with. Munchkin lives in here.
She has a level on the top for her food & water (one
top square opens for access with a bulldog clip used
to fasten), a middle section with access for her to
leave & return and a lower section with her litter tray
& a cardboard box to play in.
This is another option for a house. It's
only two stories but one square longer &
suits Princess who's a bigger bunny &
needs more floor space (she's asleep on
the lower level - white bunny on a white
NIC cubes & cable ties
Leave a few locations connected as hinges so
you can access through the doors (bulldog
clips are excellent as fasteners when you want
to keep the doors closed).

Thick cardboard should be placed on all flooring
(preferably cover the cardboard in old towels
then secure them in place so it makes it easier
for your bunny to jump from level to level).
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