Lavender's guide to
companion rabbits (living indoors)
You've never heard of bunnies living indoors?? Well, it's true!
Rabbits make fabulous indoor companions. We're quiet, clean,
neat (most of the time!), don't take up much room and don't require
daily walks.

Companion rabbits share space with humans and other domestic
pets inside the home. Just like a cat or a dog, we can be house

Rabbits are not dirty and do not carry parasites which can be
passed onto humans or other animals (in fact we are in danger of
parasites brought in by other domestic pets such as fleas which
can pass on calici or myxo).

She might be quiet, She might be shy,
But you'll see a whole other side when she's with her little guy
She's a hussy gone mad, She can be awfully bad,
Our sweet little Lavender pie.
Housing indoors
Housing of your bunny will depend on your circumstances and your own living environment. It is understandable that not
everyone can keep their rabbit in 5-star luxury accommodation but all bunny accommodation must be safe, mozzie-proof
and hygienic.

BOING highly recommends indoor accommodation for your companion bunny as this ensures your bunny will be safe and
secure and also provides good human contact and bonding with their carer.

Bunnies are just like cats and dogs and when housed indoors, become a close member of the family. Of course, housing
indoors means bunny-proofing electrical cords, cables and anything that may be damaged by little inquisitive teeth when
they are runnning around free.

Do I need an enclosure?
To be safe, you may want to provide an enclosure for your bunny to be housed when you are not home. Some people use
NIC cubes which are white meshed grids that you can join together with plastic ties. These can be bought from Bunnings
or the Reject Shop and put together at home and can be shaped to your liking. You can also purchase enclosures from
pet stores but just remember to give your bunny enough room to stand on its hind legs, lie down and generally be
comfortable for a long period of time if they are not getting regular runs. Rabbits need quite a lot of room to run so think
long and hard about how you will keep your bunny/s when you bring them home before you bring them home.

Companion bunnies are affectionate, intelligent and great company and when litter trained and desexed, are very clean,
neat and odour-free.

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