Woman's Day article - published 9 October 2006
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On Saturday 21 July 2007, Channel Nine's pet show, Talk to the Animals with Dr Chris Brown, featured a
story on The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic & BOING.

Dr Chris visited Dr Narelle Walter at the clinic where he met a number of bunnies and performed surgery on
a bunny with a severely dislocated leg. Missy & Charlie were two angoras that had been surrendered and
came to live with us after their matted fur was sheared. The show followed Missy & Charlie to our house
where we introduced Dr Chris to all our other bunnies.
Dr Chris watches as Missy & Charlie
have their matted coats sheared
Dr Chris holds the matted fur of
Missy & Charlie after they hadn't
been groomed for 6 months
Dr Chris, Karen & Annabelle talk
about bunnies
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