World wide action
Activists rescue 17 rabbits from meat farm
In April, in the northern Italian region of
Emilia-Romagna, a group of activists saved
14 rabbits from slaughter at a small farm.
May 2006 - These two tiny baby bunnies were rescued
from a meat farm. They were rehomed as house
Alabama Ears rally the public to fight
against the rabbit meat trade.
Letters are sent to politicians,
government departments,
restaurants & media.
Rescued from an abandoned farm where
he was raised as meat and left for dead,
"Luke" is now being rehomed as a
companion animal.
Magazine started in February 2006 highlighting
the negatives of the rabbit meat farming trade

June 9th - "Wining" About Rabbits (US) - A couple of weeks ago my sister Bonnie and I went to a wine tasting
event in Woodinville, WA. We walked into the tasting room and the first thing we heard out of the tasting room
server was "this merlot pairs well with RABBIT ...." I didn't hear much after that. After she finished pouring and the
others walked away, I took our server aside to explain that "pairing a merlot with a rabbit" is offensive to a pet
rabbit fan. I told her rabbits are a popular pet and hearing this would be the same as hearing "cabernet goes well
with cat" to a cat owner or a "pinot noir pairs well with poodles." I don't hesitate to speak up on this subject
anymore. It is just one more opportunity to tell people about how wonderful rabbits are as pets. The rabbit pictured
above is "Miss Sage," my sister's 6 year old Netherland Dwarf who loves salad and is never going to be served
with one!

Rhode Island

"Meat" rabbits to become pets - 29 July 2006
Cranston Animal Control and police seized 27 rabbits living in squalour. This was a meat rabbit
operation being ran out of a 100 degree (40C), dark, maggot/rat infested garage.

"Thanks to the good people at Sweet Binks rabbit rescue for taking 21 rabbits out of 27. The 21
rabbits at Sweet Binks are being well cared for and several are already placed. The other six at the
shelter are Flemish giants and mixes who need homes soon! The Cranston shelter is doing a
great job, but they are just not equipped to handle rabbits, especially many rabbits."

Apparently, the rabbits were surrendered voluntarily or the owner would have been arrested. These
wonderful rabits were "only being fed 5 times a week." It was a meal of green, mouldy bread and
water green with algae.

Attach this flyer to your own
personalised letter to restaurants
that serve rabbit
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Rabbit farm denied permit
Leongatha, Victoria - July 2007

A high intensity rabbit farm destined for Leongatha, Victoria was denied a permit. Originally approved by the South Gippsland Council,
neighbours & animal rights groups took the matter further and objected in court.

The permit was denied on the basis of human health concerns in an area prone to flooding. Unfortunately, animal welfare was not the subject of
permit denial. The applicant was originally so confident that their proposal would pass, they already had two semi trailers loaded with a shed
and cages on the property, ready to assemble.

Bunny lovers put off by rabbit recipes
Taipei Times, Taiwan - Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lwo said he decided to take up the cause of the fluffy creatures after receiving a petition from a concerned rabbit owner.
"I have no rabbits myself. But they are my daughter's favorite animals," he said. "They are our friends, not something we take from the fridge to
the oven."

Lwo said he will fight to amend the Protection Act to include rabbits as a pet that cannot be eaten, just like a cat or a dog.
Jeffery Chow of Rabbit SOS found it hard to accept the concept that one man's Fluffy might be another man's feast.

Rabbits are not a common food in Taiwan, said Chow, while they are popular as pets because they are quiet, clean and affectionate.

"It's wrong for the council to encourage people to eat rabbits when, for so many of us, rabbits are members of the family just like cats and dogs
are for others," he said.

A group of rabbit lovers, distressed by a Council of Agriculture (COA) initiative to promote rabbit meat as a healthy and delicious addition to the
nation's diet, yesterday appealed to the agency not to put Thumper on the menu.

The rabbit owners, including members of Rabbit SOS, Taiwan's first rabbit rescue organization, made the call at a press conference held by
Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Lwo Shih-hsiung.

Alannah Hill: fashion designer. Hill attracted some bad publicity recently when PETA launched a campaign protesting
at the designer's introduction of rabbit fur to her latest lines. Hill eventually removed this offensive material, but was
hardly contrite. She was reported by
The Age newspaper's gossip column Diary as whining that the fur was only used
"AS A TRIM", that she had been the victim of cyber-bullying from animal rights activists and that an email mentioning
her son had convinced her to back down. Clearly Hill is motivated by fear more than compassion.